James Golkow and Daniel Hessel formerly served as the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Worker’s Compensation Subrogation Department at a major subrogation law firm. In January of 2008,  Jim and Dan brought that knowledge, experience and expertise to Golkow Hessel, LLC.  Golkow Hessel, LLC is capable of handling workers’ compensation subrogation claims on a national basis.  They are skilled in investigating and handling all types of workplace accident cases, including construction accidents, products liability cases, premises liability cases, professional malpractice, and other types of losses.  See “Types of Cases We Handle” for more information.

Our involvement on behalf of insurers results in no additional fee to the insurers.  In most states, the injured worker’s attorney is entitled to take an attorneys’ fee out of the lien recovery regardless of whether the insurance company actually hires that attorney.  In cases where we are able to partner with the worker’s attorney, they will work out an equitable fee split, meaning the carrier pays no additional fee for our involvement. 

Upon assignment, we will provide an Initial Case Evaluation within 14 days of receipt, and detailed status reports every 60 days thereafter, in addition to other reports after meaningful events occur in the case. For more details about our practice, view our subrogation brochure here:  WC SUBRO 

Golkow Hessel, LLC has authored a paper titled Worker's Compensation Subrogation in Pennsylvania.  If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of this paper, call (215) 988-9400, or e-mail Dan Hessel at  To view a preview of this paper, click here:  WC SUBRO IN PA

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