Frequently Asked Questions
Will an insurance company have to pay additional attorneys’ fees if it retains Golkow Hessel in a case where the injured worker already has counsel?
No.  In most cases, we are able to enter into a joint-partnership agreement with the worker’s attorney and arrange for an equitable fee split. Regardless of whether we are involved in the case, the worker’s attorney will be allowed to deduct a percentage of the lien for his/her attorney’s fee. In cases where we partner, we simply split that fee with the worker’s attorney, resulting in no additional fee to the insurer other than what it would owe anyway. Yet, if we are involved, you will have a voice in the direction of the case and receive frequent status reports. 

What are the advantages to retaining Golkow Hessel instead of simply relying upon the worker’s counsel to pay the lien at the end of the case?
There are numerous benefits to our involvement. First, you can trust that the case will be prosecuted in an aggressive and skilled manner. Attorneys at Golkow Hessel specialize in handling workplace injury claims. Second, we will be sure to protect your subrogation rights, by advising you on the effect of the applicable subrogation statute. Third, we will provide you with an honest assessment of the case and frequent status reports.

What happens if Golkow Hessel cannot partner with the worker’s attorney?
We will close our file at no charge to you regardless of the extent of our investigation, and make sure that the claimant is on noitce of the lien and aware of the lien obligations..

Is there a minimum threshold lien amount required to retain Golkow Hessel?
In losses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we will investigate any matter where the total expected payout will be $50,000 or more. In losses in other states, we suggest a reserve amount of $100,000. We make exceptions on a case-by-case basis and frequently handle cases below this threshold if it is economically sensible to do so.

If Golkow Hessel investigates a case and subrogation is not available, is there a fee?
No. We investigate cases at our own risk. You will owe us a fee only if we make a recovery on your behalf.

In the event of a recovery, does the worker or insurer have priority over the funds?
It depends on the state. Some states give the insurers the right to “first dollar.” Other states require that the injured worker be “made whole” before the lien can be recovered. We are knowledgeable on the laws of all 50 states and can quickly advise you on your rights in any jurisdiction.

Is Golkow Hessel available to do a training session?
Yes.  We are able to craft a presentation / training seminar that meets your needs. We provide this service to clients and prospective clients free of charge. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

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